Orthodontics Services Edmonton

You will be happy to know we also offer a full range of orthodontic services to help you or your child achieve a straight and beautiful smile. Please call us today to discuss your orthodontic needs. We will schedule an appointment to go over your various options with you.

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Tip Edge Orthodontics

Dr.Fayad uses the Tip edge orthodontic system that gives patients the following advantages over Traditional braces:

  • No headgears or appliances
  • Surgery is rarely needed to correct skeletal discrepancies—even in adults
  • Less forces than traditional braces (less pain)
  • Tip Edge braces uses 2-3 ounces vs traditional braces uses 10-24 ounces
  • Less time in braces
  • Fewer appointments
  • Less bulk (more comfort)
  • Braces cost: $5,500. This includes the Orthodontic examination.

This fee does not include the Diagnostic workup (X-rays, Photos, Models), which are $500.

If you have Orthodontic coverage with your insurance, we are able to do Direct Billing.


50% of the total fee is to be paid at the initial appointment, and the rest will be calculated at equal monthly payments for 12 months at 0% financing.

Which in most cases comes up to be $229 per month.

This fee excludes any teeth extractions or surgeries if deemed necessary.

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