Insecurities Will Kill Your Passion

Lately, the theme of "insecurity" has been circling my life and showing up in various ways and many forms. Romance, friendship, career insecurity rears an ugly head and ruins things.

Relationship Sabotage

Insecurity can cause us to sabotage our relationships. When we start to feel like we're losing someone, we start pushing them away faster. When both people are insecure, it's doomed completely!

If you are insecure about something in your relationship, it's your job to sit up and take notice. No one (including you) wears a "Sorry, I'm just insecure" patch on their forehead, so don't expect your lover/spouse to pick up on it. Sure, he or she just might pick up on it but not in the way that you would like.

Career Sabotage

This is far less obvious, but just as deadly to your passion. Just the other day I felt the familiar feeling of insecurity creeping up concerning my work. I am very passionate about the new direction my life is taking and a new career avenue; yet, all of a sudden, the question of whether or not I was really good enough came into my head. That put up a stop sign it halted the momentum.

Insecurity is a plug. Whatever is coming it's way, when insecurity steps in front of it, all forces cease. It's the best way to kill a dream.

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Family Sabotage

Families are held together by strong bonds that can be torn by insecurities. Note: insecurity involves questioning oneself, not the other person. You cannot know what is in someone's mind. So if you are insecure, it is because of some sort of doubt you have in your own mind about YOU .

When family members are insecure, perhaps doubting that they are just as good as their siblings or doubting that they are just as loved as their spouses, homes fall apart. Remember, insecurities are stop signs, and unfortunately what they usually stop are things that are progressive passion, love, and joy.

Standing Up to Insecurity

The best way to get a grip on insecurity is to stop seeing yourself through someone else's eyes. This is the one time in life where you are given a free pass to be a little ego-centric, because it's the only thing that will help. Forget what other people think of you (for now). What do YOU think of you?

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