A book to help kids deal with the loss of loved one

We all experience the heartbreaking loss of a loved one at some point in our lives. It is so hard working through the emotional loss and learning to be happy again. But what about our children, who may not even understand? Imagine the confusion they must feel in addition to the grief and pain over their loss. Sometimes they can even develop unhealthy fears as well.

There is a wonderful book that has been written for children to help them understand and deal with the issues of death and bereavement. Its called Longfellow and the Deep Hidden Woods , and it is wonderfully illustrated.

Longfellow is a cute little wiener dog whose story, filled with delightful pictures, helps children learn how to process the death of a family member or pet.

The author, a doctor, believes that children are too often excluded from any meaningful discussion about this important life transition. This oversight leaves kids guessing about the sudden disappearance of the loved one or pet with no way to process their grief.

It can also have a devastating effect on a childs development. So much of the confusion, bewilderment, and unresolved grief from childhood is often carried into adulthood.

The doctor thinks there's a better way.

A good place to begin is with the stories we read with and to our children.Books become the basis of a childs understanding of the world. They contribute to their language development as well as their critical thinking and coping skills.

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Death and grief are difficult subjects to communicate to children. We adults are often unprepared for and uncomfortable with the topics ourselves.

There are very few childrens books available that tackle these important issues.

I went through the heartbreaking loss of my third child twelve years ago, and since then my family has also experienced the deaths of grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

I highly recommend reading Longfellow and the Deep Hidden Woods with your children to teach and prepare them about death and grief in a healthy and loving way.

I read the story with my children, and here are our takeaways:

  • We are very sad when someone we love dies. But our loved one wants us to be happy again.
  • Even thought we miss the person who is gone, there are other people in our lives who love and need us too.
  • Our loved ones are never really gone forever. Heaven is a place of joy, and we will be reunited in heaven.

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