One of the central pillars of weight loss

One of the central pillars of weight loss is to eat constantly in small quantities. One of the biggest problem facing most dieters is the fallacy of eating three times a day, a tradition that is difficult to shake but provides no real health benefits. Anyone who limits themselves to the timeline of breakfast-lunch-dinner tends to end up overeating because they have to wait so long for the next meal. By eating smaller meals at more frequent intervals, you have less ability and desire to splurge at each meal. The Shred plan, as such, as numbered meals rather than breakfasts or dinners, with the first numbered meal containing traditional breakfast entrees like omelets and oatmeal, while the middle meals contain servings of meat and veggies with larger caloric boundaries.

It's Not All About Diet

One reason that many diets fail, is that they only address the calories coming in. If you have an office job and spend your free time in front of the TV, you will not lose much weight on any diet. Shred advocates exercising several times per week in order to maintain a calorie-burning metabolism and let the nutrition take it's course. There are guidelines for exercise but never maintain a maximum, meaning that the more a person does, the better their results will be.

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