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okay! so before I get into all of this! I made like the best blog post ever! But then it all deleted so I had to start again -.- I haven't re written it yet because I'm annoyed..;)aha so here's a different blog post..but do keep an eye out for the new post which I hope will be soon!

So I believe it's good to be fit and healthy all year round! right? because in summer you have like pool party's and beaches! But also in winter you have to keep fit and healthy to be ready for summer (so it's not a massive change for you body) also you got to pull off those leggings;)

so I played netball since I was 7..I play a lot of netball (3 teams of netball..) and since it's a winter sport I'm

covered for that. But when it comes to summer ( sorry, that just really reminded me of olaf and his song and I haven't been able to stop singing it for like an hour now )

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I'm less active because half my week isn't taken up with sport which could lead me to being less fit and healthy. (I only play basketball in summer:)

so I thought I could give you some tips to stay healthy, happy and fit all year round! yay! (it will be summer all year, vote for summer ND) sorry;)

1. Make a easy timetable that you can fit working out in, as well as school work.

2. Don't go on a Diet. Instead just decide to go for the healthy option instead and try say "no" to the biscuits and donuts. Go for the healthier option and you'll be good! Remember lots of water!:)

3. Stay away from soft drink. Although your parents might have told you a thousand times how much sugar is in soft drinks, there actually is a massive amount. Your body will enjoy and thank you for not having a lot of sugar on a daily basis

4. Running relieves stress and also keeps you fit. You may think "No I can't run..It just stop after one minute" We'll actually your brain tells you to stop but never do ( until you have finished ) because it's just your thoughts and you won't get anything out of it. Also check out the app "Pumped Up!" it's a really good work out app!

5. Power Drinks. Only drink energy drinks after sport. The ingredients in them will replace the things in your body that you have used while playing sport. ( does that make sense? ahah ) But some energy drinks can be extremely bad for your body ( and I mean EXTREMELY BAD) . Chocolate Milk or just normal Milk can easily be a replacement and works just as we'll or even better.

So those are my 5 essential tips on how to stay fit!

Also get good gear! because that can get you motivated to use them, so you work out. Like good shoes or like just some working out gear. This can really motivate you, it does to me;)because then I, I just spent $100 on them so let's use it. Perfect reason to work out;)

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Post Resources - Glad I discovered this business. - Many thanks for the proofread! I am just the worst speller.

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