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First a forum where I could encourage those sifting their ways through fatigue, painful or sore joints, the brain fog, and general un-wellness. Or those who are attempting Gluten Free eating for the first time and are feeling like their brains are getting mushy with all the new things to figure out. There are TONS of products out there and so many of them are total crap and can be so discouraging for those who are in a position of last resort or just sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Second I needed a place to keep myself accountable. I'm so human and sometimes things that make me feel unwell just sound so gosh darn tempting. Then I give into those temptations and fall into the inflammation cycle. It's a cycle that can knock my relationships, my exercise, and my well-being totally out of orbit! Talking about our struggles is one of the best ways to learn from them and grown.

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Third, to talk about all the things I love to do! I have a very active lifestyle that wasn't always so active. Being active with your body fighting you is rough and there are so many highs and lows. Running, swimming, cycling, and Yoga are elements of my life I'm not willing to sacrifice for feeling like a beaten up old shoe. Not to mention my marriage or friendships that can all feel the strain when you're not feeling well.

Lastly though, to share with people what I eat! If I had a dollar for every stinking time someone says "What DO you eat then?" Not only what I eat, but most importantly WHY I eat what I eat. Everything with intention. If you don't understand why you're eating what you're eating it's hard to stay focused on the importance of sticking with your choices.

So up front let's go through the Foods for Claire!

Veggies all of them. My 6-year-old self would be horrified. Her aside, the darker the green the better, the brighter then have a little more. (Note:: POTATOES AREN'T A VEGETABLE.. there a highly inflammable starch)

Fruits Fruits are amazing. Berries are my besties. I'm talkin to you strawberries!

Protein And not in powdered form. Whole foods are what our bodies are meant to consume. If protein powder is up your alley that's fine. Just make sure you know and are comfortable with everything in it. I however, eat all proteins (pork, beef, chicken, lamb, sea food, and I'm working on my Bambi complex to add in more game meats) Organic and free rage when possible. (Including eggs)

Nuts Walnuts, Cashews, Pine nuts, COCONUT! Almonds oh my! Be they flours, butters or milks, gotta love them.

Foods NOT for Claire

Gluten sneaky awful son of a you know what Whatever side of the great gluten debate you fall on is whatever you are. I know however it wreaks havoc in every inch of my body and a crumb can knock me out of 7 + days. I vote nay. So does my husband and close friends.

Dairy I struggle with dairy. So yummy, yet the sheer insanity in smacks my joints with is amazing. Another high inflammation inducer.

Grains Hard to digest, hard to process, a little lax here and there but they we're never made for me to eat.

Processed Stuff Okay, This is subject to where you draw the lines of processed. It boils down to quality. Really though the cleaner the diet the better you feel. Lets say this: I'll take an organic fair trade dark chocolate bar over a Milky Way.

Legumes Beans, Green Beans, Peanuts, all aren't great for inflammations.

Soda/Pop No. Just No. Diet awww hellll nooo. The processed sugar/fake sugar in those suckers is like asking for inflammation. Wanna ache all over, be totally scatter brained and sleep for days? Have a Coke!

In my own way over the last 6 months I've adopted a "Paleo" life style. Mainly because it's the umbrella that fits all the above things I can and cannot eat. I dig it. It makes me feel pretty awesome. It's still pretty new and I'm still discovering a lot about how it affects my life and health. It's taken years of trial and error to narrow down my diet like this It's not all in my head. That all being said and established I looking forward to what Foods for Claire will bring!

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