One of the primary purposes of massage techniques is to relieve stress

One of the primary purposes of nearly all massage techniques is to relieve stress. Most people experience a certain amount of stress relief from even the most basic massage. Deep tissue massage uses strong and forceful massage strokes to work out muscles deep under the skin. Muscles in different areas of the body tighten under stress and are often unable to fully relax from chronic stress. Deep tissue massage releases these muscles from their stress holding pattern.

Improved Circulation

A deep tissue massage from your chiropractor helps increase the blood flow through your body's tissues. Increased blood flow provides a variety of benefits. Better circulation allows your body's tissues and organs to receive more oxygen, which improves health and function. Your blood also carries away toxins to the liver that build up in your muscles from use. Better blood flow generally means better functionality throughout the entire body.

Chronic Pain Relief

Certain forms of chronic pain are lessened by deep tissue massage. Increased blood flow usually helps to decrease inflammation at injury sites and areas of irritation. Sometimes, chronic pain symptoms are caused by bound muscles that can be loosened and relaxed by deep tissue massage.

Speak to your chiropractor to determine whether deep tissue massage may be a solution to your stress and chronic pain issues.

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